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Troubleshoot: AOL Desktop Gold Address Book Disappeared

Troubleshoot: AOL Desktop Gold Address Book Disappeared

Troubleshoot: AOL Desktop Gold Address Book Disappeared

AOL desktop gold is able to solve your various problems and help you to easily approach your internet result. You can enjoy a way of internet searching and browse with the cool features of AOL gold. However, at some points, you also may get a situation when you unable to get the address book in your aol desktop gold address book. So you need to look at the solution mentioned in this blog and try to figure that out.

Easy Steps to Solve AOL Missing Contacts Error:

There are multiple objects that can harm you and affect your AOL software account. Now you have missed all your contacts and to get them back you need to focus on these steps:

Internet connection: First and foremost step towards the fixation of the issue is to check your internet connection. You need to make sure that internet is working fine and you are getting a great speed with a secured connection. You can try opening the AOL website through another browser or try opening a different website through the same browser to check the website.

Access with AOL webmail: once you have identified that the issue is not with the browser then you should access AOL webmail and log in to your account. Now if you get your address book over there but still can’t see it on AOL desktop gold then be sure that the problem is with your AOL desktop gold. So you can try to reinstall the software to fix the problem.

Syncing address book: You can try to sync your address book to fix the missing address book with these steps:

  • Go to the login page of AOL desktop gold.
  • Try opening ‘fixit.aol.com page and run it.
  • Follow the screen instruction to sync the address book.
  • Now you can check the address book if it is there.

Restore settings: If you are still facing the issue and unable to get the address book, then you should try to restore the settings. You can go to the control panel and choose the option ‘system restore’ and click on ‘next’ button. You need to delete the latest updates and then simply restart your computer to save the changes.

Enable JavaScript: you need to check your browser and enable the JavaScript that may interrupt the browser process and lead you into this situation. To enable the JavaScript by going to the browser settings and fix the problem easily.

In spite of these clear and precise solutions, you still may not be able to fix the situation, and you want your address book back. Now you should try to download AOL desktop gold software again to your system and try to open it again proceed with the correct login credentials.