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What to Do When Your AOL Email has Been Hacked or Blocked?

What to Do When Your AOL Email has Been Hacked or Blocked?

What to Do When Your AOL Email has Been Hacked or Blocked?

People use their AOL email accounts to exchange personal greetings and share private information with their family and friends. You may also use an email account for business and financial communication. Sadly, even though AOL has many security features designed to protect user data, sometimes that data can fall into the wrong hands because of hacking. Hackers try to gain access to your email account in an attempt to steal your personal data and business information so that they can manipulate it for financial gain. If you notice any suspicious activity, such as missing email or emails that you did not send, then it is possible that your AOL email account has been hacked or blocked. In this sort of situation, it is best that you call the AOL customer support number and get expert advice on how to address the security breach. You should also have a look at the suggestions below so that you can regain access to your account and secure your data.

Steps to Follow When your AOL Email Account is Hacked or Blocked

The second you realize your email account is compromised, you should act before you lose any important data. You can follow the suggestions given below and protect your AOL email account in the event of a security breach:

Step 1: Change the password: The very first thing you need to do when you notice that your account is hacked is to change your AOL email password. If an unknown individual gets your password they will be able to access all your AOL emails. To create a strong password you should have a minimum of 12 characters that include numbers, symbols, and capital letters.

Step 2: Run an ant-virus scan: If your computer is infected with a malware or virus, it will be easier for hackers to gain access to your AOL email account. You should regularly update your antivirus software so that your system has the latest protection. The more often you scan your computer the less chance there is that your system is attacked by a virus.

Step 3: Update the security details: You can add new security details in order to improve security for your AOL email account. Updating your mobile number on your email account makes it easier for you to reset and recover your AOL email password. You should also change the account security question and update your answer as well.

Step 4: Review your emails: Hackers very often use spam emails to hack the accounts of unsuspecting users. You should review any away messages linked to your AOL account to make sure no one has inserts any spam or inappropriate content in your emails. You should also ask your contact to alert you if they receive any such content from your email ID.

Step 5: Check your Display Name: Your AOL display name is the name your contact see when you send them an email. The hacker and spammers will change your display name so that you experience errors every time you try and send a mail to your contact. Ensure that the display name does not include the letters “AOL”, “A.O.L.” or “AOL.

A hacked email account is a very serious problem since your data can be manipulated to trick your contacts into giving up sensitive information. You should contact AOL technical support number whenever you observe any suspicious activity on your account. AOL email experts are available 24 hours a day to help you recover your account and protect your data from hackers and malicious spammers.

What to Do When Your AOL Email has Been Hacked or Blocked?
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