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AOL Mail Not Currently Available – How to Fix?

AOL Mail Not Currently Available – How to Fix?

AOL Mail Not Currently Available – How to Fix?

AOL is considered among the top-rated email services providers in the world. AOL has been highly successful in catering to the needs of the users in the aspect of email services. They have effectively analyzed the needs of the users on a daily basis. This email is efficiently used all across the globe to share documents, audios, videos, and several other media in the most convenient way possible. With the help of the features that this email service provides, they have been able to develop a worldwide customer base. The users of this email service enjoy a wide array of features which help them in communicating with others more expressively.

AOL Email has also given great focus towards the security of the users which working on this email service. This email service ensures that the data of the users are always protected and cuts down any possibility of having to lose the data. It is quite understandable that there is hardly any software which is completely immune to malfunctioning. AOL Mail also falls in this category, despite being among the most renowned email services there are still certain issues which come up while using their service. One issue which most of the users have to encounter is when the AOL email users come across the message ‘AOL Mail not currently available.’ There are multiple reasons which could cause this issue to come up. One thing which the users must understand is that this is a temporary issue which can be solved by the users themselves using some troubleshooting steps. The users also have the option of connecting with AOL helpline number where they can attain all the required assistance in solving this issue at the earliest.

Ways to Solve the Issue of AOL Mail not Currently Available

There are often multiple ways in which the users can undertake to solve the issue of AOL Mail not currently available.  The steps which need to shadowed are as stated below:

  • Server Status

The server is an important aspect in the working of AOL email. When the users see that they are unable to connect the webmail with the server, then you would also face the issue of not being able to send or receive emails.

  • The functioning of DNS Server

The DNS server is what converts the name into an IP address. If there is some issue in the functioning of AOL webmail, then the malfunctioning of DNS could be the reason. The users can solve this issue by connecting with the ISP; they are the authorized people who can solve DNS malfunctioning

  • Security Error

It has constantly been seen that the users could encounter this issue because of the firewall or antivirus that is present on your system. The ideal solution for this issue is to disable the security software while using the AOL mail service.

  • Use an alternate browser

If the users are using an outdated browser for accessing their AOL mail, then there is a possibility that the users would come across the issue of the Email service not working. Hence when this issue takes place, the users can try using a different browser to access their AOL webmail.

  • Disable Third-Party Extension

The user always has the option of disabling their third-party extensions such as add-ons and pop-ups while they are using the AOL webmail service to experience an error-free functioning.

  • Clear Trash from the browser

It is suggested that the users remove the cookies, cache, and the history that is saved on the browser. Once you remove all these said trash from the browser, you would be experiencing a much-improved speed on the browser.

If the users are unable to solve the issue with the help of the given steps, then the users can easily connect with AOL Mail phone number. The users would then be connected with trained professionals who would accurately guide the users towards an effective solution of the issue.

AOL Mail Not Currently Available – How to Fix?
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