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AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

AOL Mail is a web-based email application offered by AOL that also runs on Android and iOS devices. It is also known as AIM and now stands as a subsidiary of Verizon communication. AOL Mail users who work on iOS interface complain about different issues. One of the most common ones includes ‘AOL Mail not working on iPhone.’ This blog is written to take you out of this dilemma. There are different solutions provided which you can implement and then judge which works the best for you. If required, you can dial AOL phone number and discuss with the techies.

Solution 1- Turning on the Airplane mode

This is one of the easiest and general solutions that can be applied across all iPhone versions. You need to switch off your data, put the phone in airplane mode and after a few minutes, disable the airplane mode, and switch on the data. Now check whether the issue is resolved or not?

Solution 2- Resetting the Network Settings if the First Option Doesn’t Work

This surely has a much better impact than the previous option and will surely fix the issue if network connectivity is the main reason.
• Open the settings menu on your iPhone and tap on ‘Settings.’
• Now tap on ‘Reset’ and select the option of ‘Reset network settings.’
• This will reset all the available options such as Wi-Fi, VPN, and APN settings.

Solution 3-Delete the AOL Account and Add it Once Again

If the above methods could not solve your problem, then one thing is for sure that the issue lies beyond the option of network connectivity. You can take the following aspect into consideration
• Tap on the Settings icon and look for ‘Accounts and Password’
• Search for AOL Mail account and click on that. Select it with a right click and delete the account.
• Now again repeat step 1.
• Click on ‘Add Account’
• Provide your AOL email login details and add the account again.

Solution 4- Ios Glitch Causing this Error

Sometimes due to some software glitch, the AOL mails stop responding in the system. To fix that you can reboot the system, reset the settings, and install new updates that are pending.

Solution 5- AOL application instead of the Mail app

If none of the solutions work, then it is advised that you install the AOL Mail app from the App store and use it for all your mailing purposes. This will help you to avoid the login troubles in future.

Solution 6- Get in Touch with Customer Support

If you find out that this dilemma is troubling you again and again even after you have taken all the necessary measures, it is advised that you reach out to the AOL mail support team and talk to the experts regarding the matter.

AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone
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