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How to Fix AOL Mail Stopped Working Issue?

How to Fix AOL Mail Stopped Working Issue?

How to Fix AOL Mail Stopped Working Issue?

People use their AOL email accounts for different purposes. Some use it to communicate with family and friends and to share personal messages and greetings. Some may use it for business, as a way to reach out to clients and collaborate with business associates. Since AOL email is such an important means of communication for millions of people, it can be quite frustrating when the email service suddenly stops working. Imagine if you have to send an important presentation to your boss, or perhaps you are expecting an important email from a family member, in these situations it becomes very important to get your AOL email up and running as soon as possible. This article hopes to do just that. Apart from the solutions mentioned in this article you can also call the AOL mail support phone number and consult a trained technician to get more advanced troubleshooting tips.

Steps to Fix AOL Email Stopped Working

Even if you are not necessarily an “email expert” you can use the solutions mentioned below to fix the AOL Email stopped working, error, so that you can regain access to your AOL email account:

  • Solution 1: Use AOL Basic Mail: One of the main reasons why AOL Mail may have stopped working is because your internet connection encountered an error. You can try opening your email using AOL Basic Mail since it has a simple layout and will work even if the connection speed is low.
  • Solution 2: Disable pop-up blocking software: Sometimes when you active a pop-up blocking software there is a chance that it interferes with your connection and may prevent you from accessing AOL Mail, especially if mail opens in a pop-up window. You should consider temporarily disabling the pop-up blocker so that AOL can load freely.
  • Solution 3: Clear the browser cache: The browser cache is meant to store website files so that they load faster when you want to access that website later on. However, over time these files tend to get corrupted and can cause AOL mail to freeze or become unresponsive. You should regularly clear the cache and delete the cookies before you attempt to log in to AOL Mail and access your account.
  • Solution 4: Reboot your computer: This is a relatively simple solution, but it is often overlooked even though it is quite effective. Restarting your computer can clear your RAM and remove any unimportant or temporary data that is slowing down your system. Rebooting your computer also helps to reset your internet connection and will fix minor network connectivity issues.
  • Solution 5: Update the browser: Most browsers require regular updates to ensure users get the latest features and enhanced security settings. If you find that AOL stopped working you should update the browser you are using then try and access your account once again. Alternately, you can also try and open AOL using a different internet browser.
  • Solution 6: Modify the firewall/anti-virus settings: Every PC should have an updated firewall and anti-virus software to keep the system safe from cyber threats. However, if your computer security software begins to block AOL, you should temporarily block the software and then sign in to AOL. But you must be sure to enable the firewall and anti-virus software as soon as the AOL mail error is resolved.

There could be different reasons why your AOL email account stopped, and it is important to try and identify that reason, since you will be able to implement the correct troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. You can call the AOL customer service number and speak to a certified expert to identify the root cause of the error and find the best solution to fix it. You will find that a team of experienced technicians is available 24 hours a day to clarify any doubt you may have about your AOL account and will give you a step-by-step guide to get your account up and running in no time.

How to Fix AOL Mail Stopped Working Issue?
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