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Find Out How to Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

Find Out How to Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

Find Out How to Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail

AOL is one of the most promising online email service providers. Its service has been satisfying its users to a great extent. As an AOL user, you might have an idea about its comfortable and quality features that make it easier to send and receive emails. You will hardly get any trouble in its service. But an issue that has been causing trouble to the users is the problem in receiving and reading emails which can be caused due to some reasons. The manual method of fixing this error has been provided below in detail, but you can ring up AOL mail toll-free number to get professional assistance and support to fix this problem.

Some Easy Steps to Fix this Problem:

Now you have an idea about the issue, and you should look for the solution that is being provided below. These are some easy steps that you can follow and fix the issue easily. So without wasting any time further, you need to look for the solution:

  • Check filters of your email

If the filter has been created on your AOL email account, it could be one of the reasons that you are unable to receive and read emails. This folder should be deleted immediately because it redirects the emails into the trash folder, which does not let you read those emails. Once you remove the folder, you will start receiving emails.

  • Check your Internet connection

It generally happens that a mail has been sent by the sender, but the receiver does not receive it. This could happen because of the time consumed in routing problems or high traffic. So the user needs to check his/her internet connection to get rid of this problem.

  • Check Spam folder

Because of its strict security features, AOL keeps all the doubtful emails in the spam folder. User needs to check the spam folder, and if he/she gets an email in the spam folder which is not spam, he/she can select the option ‘not spam’ to remove that email from the spam folder.

  • Clear Cache

It would be beneficial for the users to clear the caches from the browser because if the browser is filled with these irrelevant and unnecessary caches, users will find problems in receiving emails. So it would be better to delete all the cookies, caches and histories from the browser.

  • Disable your Pop-up blocking software

If you are using the pop-up feature, i.e., to show emails in the pop-up window, it might create problems in receiving emails. You can disable this feature for some time and then see whether the problem is solved or not.

The steps mentioned above can help the users get rid of this issue, but if they still find any difficulty, you can contact AOL support for technical assistance. You will be getting the easy solution with the help of AOL experts and accessing their expertise and years of experience.

Find Out How to Fix Problems Reading or Receiving AOL Mail
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