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How to Fix Sending or Composing AOL Mail Problem?

How to Fix Sending or Composing AOL Mail Problem?

How to Fix Sending or Composing AOL Mail Problem?

Millions of subscribers around the world use AOL Mail to send and receive emails from their friends, family and business associates around the world. Even though AOL mail is one of the top webmail service providers in the world it does occasionally encounter errors. Sometime you may encounter problems while sending or composing urgent emails and you will have no choice but to call the AOL email support number and ask for technical assistance. At the same time whenever you encounter problems sending emails through your AOL account you should know that there are certain basic troubleshooting solutions you can use to quickly resolve the issues. This article will give you a general idea about some of the cause of the sending error in AOL and what you can do to resolve it.

Steps to Fix Sending AOL Mail Problem

Solution 1: Restart your computer: The first step to resolving any AOL mail error is to simply restart your computer. Rebooting, or restarting your computer, will clear the internal memory of your computer (RAM), which in turn will increase your system performance. Although restarting your device will resolve many minor technical issues you must remember to save any unsaved data before you restart the computer.


Solution 2: Try and use a different browser: It is possible that the AOL mail error is because of certain browser settings. You will have trouble sending emails using AOL if the browser is outdated. To resolve the issue you can update your existing browser or go ahead and download a new one. You can also try and login to AOL using a different browser.


Solution 3: Clear the browser’s cache: The web cache temporarily stores information about websites that you frequently visit in order to reduce the response time. However, if too many of these files are stored it could clutter your browserand slow down your system. When you clear the browser’s cache you can fix problems related to website freezing, unresponsive pages, and outdated webpages. Once the cache is clear, login to AOL and try sending your mail once again.


 Solution 4: Disable pop-up blocking software:Pop-blocking software helps to reduce the number of annoying pop-ups sent by websites. However, this can sometimes affect the smooth functioning of AOL. Hence if you ever encounter a problem while sending a mail via AOL you should temporarily disable your pop-up-blocking software. You can also edit the settings to add AOL to your whitelist. But you must remember to turn on the pop-up blocker as soon as the AOL mail issue is resolved since it could be a virus risk of your system does not have a pop-up blocker installed.


Solution 5: Edit the firewall settings:The main aim of the firewall is to stop hackers from being able to access your computer and to prevent them from stealing personal and sensitive data. However. Sometime the firewall installed on your computer may sometimes block AOL and cause email errors. You can go online to learn more about how you can temporarily disable the firewall so that you can accurately identify what is causing the issues with your computer. But as is the case with the pop-up blocker you should turn on the firewall as soon as the AOL mail issues are resolved.


If you want more information about how exactly to implement the solutions mentioned in this article you can always call the AOL email customer support and ask one of the experts for additional help.


How to Fix Sending or Composing AOL Mail Problem?
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