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How to Set Up an Existing AOL Account on a New Computer?

How to Set Up an Existing AOL Account on a New Computer?

How to Set Up an Existing AOL Account on a New Computer?

Setting up a new computer can be quite a task especially if you are not aware of the technical details involved. But this should not stop you from being able to access your account or log in to your mail. AOL is constantly collecting user feedback so as to introduce new features and updates. That is why it is very important to check for any improvements and update AOL Desktop Gold as often as possible. If you are an AOL user looking to set up your new computer you are in the right place. The beauty of AOL is that it is compatible with many devices and internet browsers. This blog will help you set up your existing AOL account on your new computer in just a few simple steps.


Steps to Set Up AOL Account on a New Computer

Remember that you can use two ways to set up AOL Desktop Gold on your computer. One way is directly through the internet and the other way is using the CD.


Steps to Setup AOL Gold via Compact Disk

If you have subscribed to AOL Desktop Gold through a CD you can follow the steps mentioned below to complete the set up using the AOL software CD:

  • Step 1: Turn on your new computer and login in as administrator
  • Step 2: Insert the AOL CD in the drive and wait for the disk to load. When your computer finishes reading the disk the setup should start automatically.
  • Step 3: Search for the .exe file and start the process to install AOL Desktop Gold
  • Step 4: Open “Current member” through the wizard window and click on required option to add your AOL account to the computer
  • Remove the installation CD and restart the system.


Once your computer reboots, click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon and enter your username and password in the fields provided and click ‘Login’. Now you can begin using your AOL Desktop Gold account on the new computer.


Setup AOL Gold Account via the Internet

After you have set up the Windows operating system on your new computer you should have no problem accessing all the amazing features of AOL Desktop Gold using the Internet. In case you do not have the AOL Desktop Gold installation CD then there is no need to worry. You can open your browser and visit the official AOL website and download AOL Desktop Gold using the link on the webpage.


In case the methods mentioned above do not help in setting up your AOL account it is possible that there may be a technical or hardware glitch that is preventing you from logging in. The best thing to do is to update AOL Desktop Gold on your system and try again. If you have any difficulty accessing or setting up your AOL account on your new computer even after the update you can contact AOL customer support which is available 24 hours day.