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Learn How to Set Up AOL Account on New Computer

Learn How to Set Up AOL Account on New Computer

Learn How to Set Up AOL Account on New Computer

AOL Desktop Gold is advanced software that has been developed to provide a complete internet browsing solution to the users and help them to manage their email and other internet activities in one place effectively. You only need to Download AOL gold and install on your computer, then you will be capable of performing a lot more exciting activities that could not be managed using the conventional method of internet browsing. AOL provides you a magnificent way of using the internet and accesses the music, video, and games. You can access a completely new world of internet with a sheer feeling of security and satisfaction. Now, once you have download the AOL software, you can use it on any computer with some simple steps that this blog will talk about. There could be two possibilities when you intend to access AOL with another computer. In one case you might have crashed your computer and need to access AOL on replacing one. In another case, you want to access AOL to a whole new computer for a better experience. Now follow these steps to get the job done.

Setup AOL Account on Replacing a Computer:

In this situation, it was assumed that your computer had been crashed and you need to replace that. Now you need to be careful while adjusting the system’s BIOS and have to reinstall compatible Windows OS. You will require a ‘Windows device recovery tool’ to perform this exercise and then follow these steps:

  • Insert the USB with recovery tool into your system
  • Press the start button and F12 key simultaneously and get the boot menu
  • Now select the option that contains recovery software device name
  • Press enter

Now your computer is ready, and you have to download and install all the software that you want including AOL desktop gold in your computer. You need to log in with your AOL username and password and download it from the official website of AOL then you can install it on your computer.

Easy Steps to Setup AOL Account on a New Computer:

Now, in this case, you have chosen a better computer in place of the older one to get a better experience. Now if you already have an AOL account and you want to access it on your new computer, you can do it with easy steps. There are two options for you and check these out:

1- With Compact Disk:

This process is quite an easy one, and you should go through this if you have the software CD. So now open your device and start following these steps:

  • Insert the CD containing the AOL software into your system
  • Once the CD programs load, you will see that the setup process has already been started
  • In another case, if that doesn’t start automatically. You need to go to the start and select ‘My computer.’
  • Now hit the double-click on the CD drive and search .exe file
  • When you start .exe file, click on the option ‘Current member.’
  • Then you need to choose to add your existing account to this computer and then click on ‘Next’
  • You will have a choice to locate the folder for the software
  • Then click on ‘Continue,’ and in a few seconds it will be installed in your new computer

2- With the Internet:

If you don’t have the software CD, you can access AOL via the internet. Once you get the internet connection to your new computer, you need to go the internet browser and download AOL desktop gold from the official website of AOL and perform the same process that was given before.

Now with these detailed setup processes, you can easily set up AOL desktop gold to your new computer. Once you complete AOL gold software download for your new computer, you can update it later to get the latest features of AOL that have recently been introduced.


Learn How to Set Up AOL Account on New Computer
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