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How To Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Problem?

How To Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Problem?

How To Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Problem?

AOL desktop gold is meant to provide you the greater satisfaction in playing the internet videos and games along with the music. You will require having Flash player on your AOL desktop gold that will make it easy to process the video and other streaming activities. Now users are facing some issues with Flash player and unable to access it on AOL desktop gold. Below are some issues that you can get with the software:

  • AOL is unable to detect the flash player.
  • Flash player can’t support AOL to work properly.
  • Installation error with Flash player.
  • Error with updating the Flash player.
  • Flash player update issue in windows 10.
  • AOL videos are not playing properly.

These are the issues that you may get with the Flash player, and you need to fix these issues to resume the services. So you can contact at AOL gold desktop to get you fixed.

Easy Techniques to Fix AOL Desktop Flash Player Problem:

You can easily fix to resolve AOL desktop gold flash player issue with some easy steps that are given below. There are several solutions that are proven to get you fixed, and you can follow only some of them that are mentioned here:

  1. AOL Desktop Gold is Unable to Detect Flash Player :

In such situations when AOL Gold is not detecting the Flash player even after being installed on the computer, you can follow these steps to get the issue fixed:

  • Go to your internet browser and choose the tools option.
  • Next, go to the compatibility view settings and a new window will be opened.
  • There you need to type the URL of the AOL site in the ‘add website’ section and click on ‘add’ option.
  • Now click on close to save the changes.
  1. Flash Player is not Working on AOL Gold:

In case you are getting failed to install Flash player on AOL desktop gold then find the solution in these given steps:

  • Go to the desktop manager by pressing the key ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ simultaneously.
  • Now press the option ‘processes’ and select ‘end process’ to close all AOL programs.
  • Next, go to the internet browser and download advanced Flash Player.
  • If you still get an issue, try to fix it with registry files.
  • Download and run the registry files and eliminate the errors from the registry.
  • When you fix the issue and remove the error, you can easily download and install AOL desktop gold.

If you need further support, then you need to download AOL desktop gold software again and install it to your computer to solve the issue and resume the services.

How To Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player Problem?
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